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  1. REUs and Ice Blocking! (10/23)
    Today's sure to be another exciting meeting! We'll start off as usual with a few announcements on upcoming events, and then we'll chug right through to a presentation from one of our former presidents: Jenn! She'll talk about REUs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates), radio astronomy, and her own research through the NRAO (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)! After Jenn's done (and answered any questions you guys may have), we'll have some fun ice blocking! There will of course be a telescope show like always at around 9:00 PM. Meeting itself starts at 7:30, Knudsen 2-222, free food and fun times. The meeting will also have some more signing-up for the Griffith's trip, likely with the week announced, if not the actual date. If for whatever reason you can't sign up at the meeting, you can just email me (szilard3 [at] ucla [dot] edu) with your name, phone number, and email (to get out more info to you when the time comes, I'm not just being creepy). If you have a car, that'd be cool if you could come. Remember, the trip will be $5 per person (to cover gas, unless you're a driver, then that fee is waived), and there'll be a planetarium show (another $5 if you want to see that).
    Posted almost 6 years ago

  2. Grad Panel Tonight! (10/16)
    Tonight is our (big number?)th (probably) annual grad panel! Now, it may sound boring to have a bunch of old people talking about old people stuff, but it turns out grads aren't that much older than us! Who'da thunk? We'll get to ask them plenty of questions about both their undergrad and grad experiences, covering things from their favorite foods to how they got in grad school. For Physics/Astro majors, this meeting'll open your eyes on how to get to grad school, for everyone else, you can laugh at/pity us. It's also a laugh in general (grads get talkative after free food). So pop by for food and stories! We'll also sell more shirts and whatnot after the panel.
    Posted about 6 years ago

  3. Sci-fi Accuracy! (10/9)
    Tonight we're going to have another exciting meeting (because all space meetings are exciting meetings)! With the recent release of Gravity (which we'll be seeing this Friday), I thought we'd tackle the scientific accuracy of movies/tv shows in a nifty presentation! Hopefully you'll learn something more than how much of a sci-fi geek I am. See you at the meeting tonight! 7:30, Knudsen 2-222, with free food as always!
    Posted about 6 years ago

  4. UMSA's USSRC visit + Apollo 13 viewing (10/4)
    The Math Club's US Space Rocket Center visit and Apollo 13 viewing. Today at 5 in MS 6627. Facebook link:
    Posted about 6 years ago

  5. Rocket club tonight! (10/3)
    AIAA (rocket club)'s rocket kick-off meeting is tonight at 6 in Eng IV 38-138, if rockets are your thing.
    Posted about 6 years ago