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  1. No meeting tonight! (11/27)
    Hey Turkey Gibblets! No UAS meeting tonight! Go and enjoy your family and/or food! Siz
    Posted about 4 years ago

  2. JPL Guest Speaker! (And camping info!) (11/20)
    Today's definitely going to be a super exciting meeting! We have Scott Eddington from JPL speaking about storms--focusing on Cassini's missions. He cannot however make 6:30, so tonight the meeting is once again at 7:30 to better accommodate him! If you want to go camping though, maybe show up a bit earlier than that so we can take care of collecting money and signing waivers, as well as voting for when we want to leave (Friday or Saturday). Our camping fee this year is $25 in order to help pay for gas, camping equipment, etc. As always, there'll be free food! Knudsen 2-222 at 7:30. Be there or be round! (Get it? Because we're already squares? I'm so funny.)
    Posted over 4 years ago

  3. Adventure game tonight! (11/13)
    Today's meeting is our somewhat-quarterly adventure game! Do you like riddles, puzzles, and codes? Do you like solving fictional crimes? Do you like space? Do you like fun? Then come to tonight's meeting! We'll also be doing sign-ups for the upcoming camping trip. Because that's fun too. Free food as always, tonight at 6:30 in Knudsen 2-222!
    Posted over 4 years ago

  4. Earthquakes IN SPACE (11/6)
    Now that rat ghost has been appeased with pumpkin sacrifices, we can move back to some more exciting meetings. First thing to note: MEETING TIME HAS BEEN CHANGED TO 6:30 PM! This is to accommodate the sky show, which is moved up to 8:00 PM due to time-changing shenanigans. Now that we got the time-travel out of the way, we can talk about tonight! One of our officers, Brittany, will be giving a presentation on earthquakes, and quakes on other celestial bodies! Spacequakes! As the King would say, "I'm all shook up!" Free food as always, tonight at 6:30 in Knudsen 2-222!
    Posted over 4 years ago

  5. Pumpkin Drop tonight! (10/30)
    Let me tell you the haunting tale of... RATGHOST! Half-rat, half-ghost, this guy zips and darts in the most unlikeliest of places, stealing food, candy, and come time, your very soul. He (or she, us scientists remain ever skeptics) may have originally been a rat, but he has transformed into something more. He lords over the other rats, always fighting to over throw the tyrannical yoke of the human race. The ratghost constellation (known to some as simply a part of Canis Major, although those people are silly. How can a dog eat ratghost?) watches over us all, waiting for the opportune moment to strike! And what better moment than All Hallow's Eve... Eve? To avert the soul-eating crisis that is Ratghostmageddon, we must offer sacrifice to the almighty Ratghost in the form of pumpkins! That's right, tonight's our pumpkin drop! We'll be building crafts to safely deliver pumpkins to the ground after throwing them off of MS. Should a pumpkin die on its way, the Ratghost will be appeased. Should your pumpkin be saved by your ingeniousitude, the Ratghost will grudgingly accept your scientific wisdom and not eat your soul. The winner will also receive a prize! Because prizes are cool. So come one, come all, to the pumpkin drop! Tonight, 7:30, in Knudsen 2-222. Free food as always! Unfortunately, the telescope is closed for repairs, but if stars are out, we can tell spooky made-up myths of the constellations in the sky. Because that's how we roll.
    Posted over 4 years ago