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  1. Something! (1/29)
    Today we'll be doing... Something! We're going to try and watch a movie, but if you've ever been to SPS, you'll know how that usually turns out. :P (But seriously, if anyone has a laptop, netflix, and/or speakers, that'd be great if we can borrow that.) Even if we can't watch a movie (my vote is Spaceballs), we have some games in Narnia. We can learn about quantum entanglement with a game of Twister, and so on. It'll be a pretty low key meeting due to midterms, but there'll still be free food and a telescope show, so yeah!
    Posted over 3 years ago

  2. Things IN SPACE (or at least vacuum) (01/22)
    Today is sure going to be an exciting meeting! For one, there'll be cake (and I sure do like cake). And then we have a vacuum pumpy chamber thingie! That's the technical term for the machine that sucks the air out of a little chamber, and we'll be doing a few experiments with it! Since space is a vacuum and all, and we like space. As always, afterwards we'll head to the telescopes (unless it's a super cloudy night) and look at stars and stuff. So come on by to Knudsen 2-222 at 6:30 for free food and fun!
    Posted over 3 years ago

  3. Astronomy Taboo! (1/15)
    Happy Wednesday! Because when you go to UAS meetings, every Wednesday is a happy Wednesday! Today we have a fun game of Astronomy Taboo that we're going to play! It's like the game Taboo, which involves trying to describe something (in this case something space-related) without using some key words. I think. I've never played Taboo myself, but it'll be great fun! As always, there'll be free food and a telescope show after. Meeting starts at 6:30 in Knudsen 2-222!
    Posted over 3 years ago

  4. Planetarium Show and/or Space Origami! (1/8)
    I hope y'all enjoyed the break! I certainly did! (Dat relaxation.) But now we're back at school again, which is kinda lame, but that also means UAS meetings are back! And that's basically the complete opposite of lame! To kick off a year of not-lameness, our first meeting will include a choice! As you may well know, we have a planetarium show that runs on campus (practically concurrently with our meetings). These planetarium shows generally consist of a presentation by a grad student as well as fooling around with constellations. So if you've never seen the planetarium show on campus (or this specific one with a presentation General Relativity and Black Holes), I highly recommend you go see it! However, if you're tired of the planetarium (or have seen this specific show), you can come fold some space origami! Yes, you can crumple a ball and say it's a planet, but you can also fold up a space shuttle, probably some satellites, maybe even ships and things from your favorite sci-fi shows! All in all, it's going to be a wonderful meeting no matter what you (or your coercive friend) choose(s)! So come on by to Knudsen 2-222 for free food and fun at 6:30! And since the telescopes have been upgraded and are now open again, the star show after meetings is back! Fun fun fun (til daddy took the t-bird away)!
    Posted over 3 years ago

  5. End of quarter BBQ! (12/4)
    Today's our quarterly BBQ! So instead of meeting at 2-222, we'll be meeting at Sunset Rec! (Don't worry, we'll have some non-meat options for any veggies out there!) So take a break from studying and unwind with some delicious food. See you at 6:30!
    Posted almost 4 years ago