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  1. More movie making! (Even if you didn't make last week!) (4/30)
    Hello hello! Time for another exciting UAS meeting! Last week we started to make our very own sci-if movies. This week, we'll be doing more than the same! Don't worry if you didn't make last week's meeting! No one's winning any oscars. Just bring a camera or a phone with a camera and have some fun! Free food in Knudsen 2-222 at 7:30, sky show at 9:00.
    Posted about 4 years ago

  2. Making a sci-fi movie! Part 1! (4/23)
    Today's astro club meeting will be about making a sci-fi movie! There are some movies we all love: Star Wars and... well, that's about it. Everything else is debateable. But nonetheless, classics like Alien, Back to the Future, and Jurassic Park continue to inspire us. Although we might lean more towards space. Anyhow, this meeting will mostly focus on getting together and having groups brainstorm ideas (with the help of some questions and stuff that I hand out), while next week (part two) we'll actually film these! Normally I'd say some shenanigans about video cameras, but I'll just assume someone in every group probably has a smart phone. As always, meetings are at 7:30 in Knudsen 2-222 with free food. Telescope show afterwards, weather permitting.
    Posted about 4 years ago

  3. The Mooooon! (4/9)
    UAS is back again this week! I didn't think we were going away, and we weren't, so I guess we're still here! Anyroad, down to business: to commemorate the upcoming Lunar Eclipse (next Monday night, there's an event and everything), I'll be giving a fun(ish) presentation on the Moon, delving into some of the science of the Moon as well as the history of it's exploration, and a bit of my own research involving the Moon! There will also be announcements regarding P.R.O.M., Brittany's Lunar Ecllipse Event, and a Poster thingie. Meeting, as always, is 7:30 in Knudsen 2-222! Free food!
    Posted about 4 years ago

  4. Hovercrafts! (4/2)
    Welcome back to school! Also to UAS (which is clearly the more important of the two)! First, a bit of shenanigans. Because of the time change, MEETINGS NOW START AT 7:30, not 6:30. Now for the actual shenaniganry! Today we'll be fooling around with hovercrafts! We'll have to repair the ones from past years, but after that it's fun fun fun! What do hovercrafts have to do with space, you may wonder? They're both cool and sciencey! At the meeting we'll also discuss a few other things going on this year.
    Posted about 4 years ago

  5. BBQ at Sunset Rec! (3/12)
    Last meeting of the quarter, and that means it's time for our quarterly BBQ! So instead of Knudsen, head down to Sunset Rec at 6:30 for burgers and stuff! (There'll be veggie options too!)
    Posted over 4 years ago